RhinoWIP crash - material

Hi all.

My new crash is called “material destroyer” :slight_smile:

Cycles hasnt opencl (maybe high sierra is old on drivers).

2020_02_10_rhino_crash.txt (112.1 KB)

Have a nice day.


OpenCL support was disabled for a while - I did re-enable it last week, but have tested only on Windows. I believe it should work again with the next version.

That said, I think it is MacOS 10.13.6 that is causing the problem, I am not able to reproduce the crash here on MacOS 10.15.2.

edit: IOW I am suggesting to update, especially considering 10.13 extended support from Apple ends September 2020 (:

I know. Maybe I am only one with this hw/sw solution. :smiley:

There are more users still on 10.13. It is just that I am not able to reproduce this on 10.15.2 that I currently am using.

Virtual server it is not possible or VirtualBox on own machine?