RhinoVAULT and IronPython problem


(David S. Mavrov) #1

I am trying to play with RhinoVAULT and at the point of triangulation function I get this error and I am unable so update IronPython correctly. Any ideas?


(So Unrelated) #2

same problem.

(Graham) #3

Perhaps explain how you tried to update Ironpython so people can advise whether this was the currently recommended method…?

(So Unrelated) #4

sorry for the belated answer,life goes on.
the truth is i understand virtually nothing about python ,what it does and how to deal with it. while upgrading rhino and trying to transfer my plugins i just stumbled on a notice telling me that my version of python needs to be upgraded. i have no idea how to proceed and therefor left it all as is.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hello - I’d get in touch with the Rhino Vault developers - Rhino installs IronPython, so presumably plug-ins should work with what Rhino installs.


(So Unrelated) #6

thanx ill try that!

(So Unrelated) #7

is there any books about iron python or a website that caters to newbys and educate them on the subject with simple words? Just old fashion!

(Pascal Golay) #8

Hello - do you want to know specifically about the Iron Python implementation and installation or are you asking about how to use Python as a scripting language (presumably in conjunction with Rhino)?


(Graham) #9

Hello. I think the Rhino Python 101 is excellent

(So Unrelated) #10

thnx Graham.to answer your question, the answer is “both”, and I just download the PDF you mentioned , some bedtime reading coming my way!!!
I wish you the best