RhinoVAULT and IronPython problem

I am trying to play with RhinoVAULT and at the point of triangulation function I get this error and I am unable so update IronPython correctly. Any ideas?


same problem.

Perhaps explain how you tried to update Ironpython so people can advise whether this was the currently recommended method…?

sorry for the belated answer,life goes on.
the truth is i understand virtually nothing about python ,what it does and how to deal with it. while upgrading rhino and trying to transfer my plugins i just stumbled on a notice telling me that my version of python needs to be upgraded. i have no idea how to proceed and therefor left it all as is.

Hello - I’d get in touch with the Rhino Vault developers - Rhino installs IronPython, so presumably plug-ins should work with what Rhino installs.


thanx ill try that!

is there any books about iron python or a website that caters to newbys and educate them on the subject with simple words? Just old fashion!

Hello - do you want to know specifically about the Iron Python implementation and installation or are you asking about how to use Python as a scripting language (presumably in conjunction with Rhino)?


Hello. I think the Rhino Python 101 is excellent

thnx Graham.to answer your question, the answer is “both”, and I just download the PDF you mentioned , some bedtime reading coming my way!!!
I wish you the best

A word of advice, you don’t learn programming by reading. You learn by coding. And lots of trial and error :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I might have to leave that for next life

I see there is a new version of Rhino Vault out so maybe that will solve your problem? If life is too hectic then maybe the book ‘Automate the Boring Stuff with Python‘ will help you free up some time :slight_smile: