RhinoVAULT 1.3 released

RhinoVAULT V1.3 New Features from BLOCK Research Group on Vimeo.

RhinoVAULT 1.3 released

Intuitive Form Finding for Funicular Structures

The BLOCK Research Group, ETH Zurich, is happy to announce the release of RhinoVAULT 1.3. The latest, freely available version comes with some neat, new features. Besides many bug-fixes, the plug- in for Rhinoceros® features the following new tools for a more advanced form finding of funicular structures:

  • Include tension elements to create new, exciting funicular structures
  • Set bounds on force magnitudes to more easily control local force distributions
  • Use the new API to hack into RhinoVAULT for your project-specific application
  • Generate triangulated form diagrams for any given boundary conditions This movie shows an overview of the new features implemented:

New Features Video on Vimeo

New tutorials have been added to the tutorial website:


The plug-in emerged from current research on structural form finding using the Thrust Network Approach to intuitively create and explore funicular structures. We are constantly working on new techniques and methods, which eventually will be implemented in future releases of this digital design tool.

For more information, and to download RhinoVAULT, please visit: BLOCK Research Group RhinoVAULT Website

By now the plugin was downloaded by more than 10.000 people and in 2014 RhinoVAULT was awarded in the category ‘Structure / Physics Formation’ at ALGODeQ, an international competition for algorithmic design programs. We are happy that the tool could be of use for students and professionals around the world to realize some amazing projects. Knowing about your work is very helpful for the development of the software and in general amazingly motivating. So, please get in touch if you have exciting projects, made with RhinoVAULT, you want to share or if you are interested in collaborative work and workshops (rippmann@arch.ethz.ch).

Posted Jan 19, 2015 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.