Rhinoterrain Mesh Crashing

Hi, I’m trying to create a mesh using rhinoterrain from a fairly dense amount of contour lines and for some reason it keeps crashing. The same process worked on other larger files so I’m not sure why it crashes sometimes. Does anyone know why this would happen? and if there’s a way I could troubleshoot it?

@Holo I suppose you’re interested in finding out what happens?

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I am afraid I don’t know what causes RhinoTerrain to crash, but I’ll gladly help.
And feel free to test out TerrainMesh on the packagemanager to see if that causes crashes too.

Right, except I think I mixed RhinoTerrain with TerrainMesh (:

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TerrainMesh is made just to handle these kind of situations: To generate results where the more advanced solutions fail due to too much, overlapping and/or duplicate inputs.

So feel free to share your file @ak3463 and I will take a look and see if I can locate the problems for you.

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