Rhinoscriptsyntax api page is broken in Rhino6 WIP

In the latest Rhino 6 WIP (loaded 3/31/2017), the page:
no longer pops up when I double-click on the AddNetworkSrf function in the expanded list of surface functions inside the Python editor (located on the left hand side). I see this happened back in Dec 2015 when it was reported with the title “Rhinoscriptsyntax api page is broken” under Scripting.

I found another page that appears to have this information:
perhaps the link generation in the latest Rhino6 WIP needs updating?

It is somewhat painful for this to be broken. I know a summary of the function appears under the Python editor window but this goes away easily. The pop-up version can be saved in the taskbar for easier repeated referencing as I spin up on a new function.

None of the prior Rhino6 WIP’s had this problem going back to Jan 2017.

Terry -

Yes, thank you for letting us know.

This is the proper link does not include the operating system: http://developer.rhino3d.com/wip/api/RhinoScriptSyntax/#surface-AddNetworkSrf

The current Rhino 6 WIP is pointing to the wrong address. This weeks Rhino WIP will have a fix that links to the correct place.