Rhinoscript to set multiple camera for lines

Hi All, I am wanting to set multiple cameras & target by using the start and end of approx 200 lines.
Does anyone know if there is a script or a grasshopper definition that can achieve this? Have been searching through a few threads, but haven’t managed to find the type of thing I am after.

Many thanks in adavance!

Hi @m.wilson,

Here is a simple script to start with (it takes the lines, views will be ordered based on your picking order, view name prefix and camera lens) and produces series of Named Views.
It probably can be further improved to figure out the automatic order based on the perimeter curve etc. but hopefully that’s a start.

Here is a RhinoScript version:
ViewsFromLines.rvb (995 Bytes)
And Python (used ChatGPT to translate from above, it actually worked OK):
ViewsFromLines.py (1000 Bytes)



Hi @Jarek, That has worked perfectly! Thanks very much for the assistance.