RhinoScript RDK wiki reference gone?

Hi @andy,

I just noticed the online reference for RDK RhinoScript methods is not available anymore (dead link) from here
Rhino Renderer Development Kit (RDK) [McNeel Wiki]

Used to be here: https://wiki.mcneel.com/developer/rdkrhinoscripting

I thought I have an off-line documentation for this but can’t find it anywhere.

Any chance this can be restored or posted in any usable form? I am looking for the old reference for accessing RDK via RhinoScript.



I was able to find it cached via WebArchive:
Scripting Methods for the Rhino RDK [McNeel Wiki] (archive.org)

Still, it would be good if the wiki reference could be restored. Thanks.

Hi @Jarek,

The old wiki info is obsolete.

You should be referencing this:


– Dale

Hi @Dale,

Thanks, good to know this reference as well.

But what I needed is the old RDK RhinoScript (vbscript) plugin extension reference and its methods have a bunch of legacy tools to maintain and these methods still work well, even with V8 and various materials/textures operations.

For now I used the webarchive one and printed it all to PDF to have a ‘local’ copy, but since it still works maybe you guys can keep the link alive for legacy support purposes.