RhinoScript from Guidebook doesn't work

The code from the guidebook keeps asking about my ‘favourite things’ without any grande finale :frowning:
Could you please check if it forks for you?
I work with Rhino 4

Sub MyFavouriteThings()
Dim strPrompt, strAnswer
Dim arrThings()
Dim intCount
intCount = 0

    Select Case intCount
        Case 0
            strPrompt = "What is your most favourite thing?"
        Case 1
            strPrompt = "What is your second most favourite thing?"
        Case 2
            strPrompt = "What is your third most favourite thing?"
        Case Else
            strPrompt = "What is your " & (intCount+1) & "th most favourite thing?"
    End Select

    strAnswer = Rhino.GetString(strPrompt)
    If IsNull(strAnswer) Then Exit Do

    ReDim Preserve arrThings(intCount)
    arrThings(intCount) = strAnswer
    intCount = intCount+1

If intCount = 0 Then Exit Sub

Call Rhino.Print("Your " & UBound(arrThings)+1 & " favourite things are:")
For i = 0 To UBound(arrThings)
    Call Rhino.Print((i+1) & ". " & arrThings(i))
End Sub

The code seems to work. Once you hit “Esc” to stop asking about the next thing, it prints out the results into the command line.