RhinoScript Debugging error

I am using Rhinoceros 5.0 with educational lab license. When I try to use debug the script button, I always get the same error in the following example. It gives error only when I use if statement. When I do not use if statement, debugger works well.

Here is the code that I copied from the help box examples, so there should not be any error but when I put a breakpoint and debug the script I get the following error. Thank you for your help in advance.

Option Explicit

Call Main()
Sub Main()
	Dim dblRadius, arrPoint

	dblRadius = Rhino.GetReal("Radius of new circle", 3.14, 1.0)

	If Not IsNull(dblRadius) Then

	arrPoint = Array(0, 0, 0)

	Rhino.AddCircle arrPoint, dblRadius

	End If

End Sub

What service release of Rhino 5 are you using? (Help -> About)

Do you mean this?

Version 5 SR12 64-bit
(5.12.50810.13095, 10.8.2015)
Educational Lab License
SN: 4-1502-0104-100-0000391-17012