Rhinoscript - Built Projects in Architecture

Hi there,

I am developing my Master Thesis related to Generative Design, and so far, in my research I was studying Rhinoscript but I couldn’t find any built project in internet. Could you please mention any project? Or web source with Rhinoscript projects?


Hi Maim,

I did several architectural projects with RhinoScript in the last ten years. From construction design to pre-detailing of elements including the BIM solution. To name a few projects where RS has been used on our part: MartA Herford, Lou Ruvo Brain Institute in Las Vegas and Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris. RhinoScript is very reliable and Dale Fugier is doing great support.

Meanwhile I’m doing more and more in Python cause it offers more possibilities with RhinoCommon (.Net SDK). Eventually I’ll put some documentation of these projects online…

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Thank you for your answer Jess. I will search more about these projects.