RhinoScript AddLeader returns NULL


I have a script which uses the Rhino.addLeader command. But since a while this command returns null instead of the leader string.

I figured out, that even the example in the RhinoScript help doesn’t work.

Does someone know what to do?
I’m using Rhino 6 SR23 (6.23.20055.13111)


Hmm, yeah that looks buggy to me - seems the string is not optional. If you add anything to the string argument - even a space - it works. (an empty string doesn’t work, tried it)

	Dim arrPoints
	arrPoints = Rhino.GetPoints(True, False, "Select leader points")
	If IsArray(arrPoints) Then
		Rhino.AddLeader arrPoints, , " "
	End If

@dale ?

Edit - the Python/rhinoscriptsyntax version works with two points and without a string entry - but, I discovered a new fun wrinkle: placement in the Front and Right viewports with only two points:


As two points determine a line, there is no specific plane, and looks like it then defaults to World. Methinks if a plane cannot be determined default should be the active CPlane, not World XY…

Got it, thanks.


– Dale

RH-57415 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate