Rhino's Material table; Triangles in icon corners

I’m trying to work with layer render materials, but I found there seems to be two types of materials. In the materials tab one type has triangles in the icon corners and the other does not. If I create the material manually the icon has triangles in the corners, if I do it programatically it does not (at least the way I do it). In Rhino 6 is seems to be the other way around.
The problem I’ve got is that I can only get layer.RenderMaterial.Name and layer.RenderMaterial.Id if the icon has corners. Are there two types of render materials? How do they work?

Hi @Goodriver,

Please review the following SDK sample and let me know if you have any questions:


– Dale

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Thanks for that Dale, but could you please clarify what it means that a material icon in Rhino Materials’ tab has triangles in the corners?

It means that the material is in use, either as a layer material, or assigned to an object.

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