RhinoPython.rhp plugin

Hello all

A person who is shy and due to the reason he is not interested joins McNeel reference asked me to relate his request here!

He told me he needed the “RhinoPython.rhp” plugin for exercise, and he couldn’t find it anywhere. He asked me to ask you to give him that plugin. As I didn’t want to disappoint him, I inevitably had to relate his request! So please give me the plugin, now…

Thank you

Hi @sciensman
What an odd request, but whatever floats your boat! What is the RhinoPython.rhp-plugin supposed to do? It’s not a plugin I’ve ever heard of, and Google has a single hit (your post, incidentally). If you want someone to help you find whatever it is you are looking for, you need to be more specific.

Hi, Jakob Normand

Excuse me for this confusing post

He announced me his problem was resolved by updating Rhino 7.

He said, before updating Rhino, the GHpython turned red from the first, the editor didn’t open at all, and he received an error message that the RhinoPython.rhp plugin was not loaded.

Everything is okay now, the raw GHpython is orange, and the editor opens.

Thank you so much

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