RhinoPiping with Navinn Table Not working

I have installed the Rhino Piping Plug-in and when I add the Navinn Table it does not show up in the tool list. Even if we type Tableau - it still does not show up. I have uninstalled both and started again. Same results. I have other Rhino users that this is working fine for them.

@Matthieu_from_NAVINN, can you help?

I finally got it working properly.

Hi @jblandsman , I’m glad you figured out your problem.

If you have any issue with our products, feel free to contact us from our forum at http://forum.rhinopiping.com/

Best regards

Thanks @dale for including us in the loop. Don’t hesitate to follow us any question concerning our products, since we can’t be informed when a question is issued at McNeel. Regards