RhinoPiping v1.2.8 now available

NAVINN recently announced the release of RhinoPiping v1.2.8.

This new release has a brand new license management. The plug-in is now using the same license system as Rhino, more stable and suitable than previously. RhinoPiping is now also compatible with the Zoo 6, which gives you the possibility to have floating licenses.

RhinoPiping LT (free) now has a completely separate installer and doesn’t need to be activated anymore. For the PRO license, NAVINN is offering a special discount open to everyone until April 21, 2017 (10% with the discount code: SPECIAL10RP).

Several bugs have also been solved, and you can expect more news and tools in the few next weeks. NAVINN also recently redesigned their website, and created a new auxiliary website exclusively dedicated to support and documentation.

Download RhinoPiping v1.2.8 from food4Rhino…

Posted Apr 12, 2017 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.