RhinoMobile VS issues


I write and compile android apps successfully using android studio, for devices all the way from 23 through to current, pretty much that i have organised.

I followed the install instructions for rhino3dio and rhinocommon from the rhinomobile setup page, setup xamarin too, but in loading the sample code i continue to get “ResolveLibraryProjectImports” task failed unexpectedly.

I guess too many steps involved in the setup and I’m botching something in the rhinocommon and rhinomobile steps somehow, having to pull from gits and manually copy around the place.

is there a walkthrough to use precompiled dlls in Android Studio instead of VS? do they need to be wrapped? Is that even possible?

this sounds exceedingly lazy but could mcneel consider a script for vs that will pull all required files from nuget instead and not require running around git and manually setting up?
im tryign to launch android sim and getting errors about ios? Im a tad confused :wink:


Hi Christopher-

Sorry for the delayed reply.

We are now publishing a NuGet package of Rhino3dmIO.Android. Does this help?

I’ve also updated the RhinoMobile developer samples to be compatible with the NuGet package, but I’ve yet to update the documentation to reflect this (it’s on my TODO list).

Let me know if you hit snags.

Sorry for any confusion,

Thanks heaps. Ill look back into this project next week.

Hi @dan,

gave it a crack today, nuget grabbed and installed, but its wanting this reference which is missing, and while I can reference rhinomobile just using 3dmio the following doesnt exist?


thank you for your patience, im not a full time coder, i just potter about so Im guessing ive missed something obvious?

nm, i see it still has to be seperately compiled from the git. ill try compile adding the 3dmio to that git project and see how I go.

[edit] Ok, got it , thanks.

Glad to see you got this working! I need to document this a bit better now that I’ve we’ve switched to nuget.

Thanks, is the need to build RhinoMobile manually based on the code being updated quite frequently? Otherwise just including it as a one smack nuget download of both dll’s for android would save you a lot of documentation issues?

managed to add a button to search for and open 3dm’s on the virtual device, progress…

RhinoMobile is not being updated much …but that might change. iRhino 3D is based on RhinoMobile and I need to make a lot of improvements to that app, so it might change a bit more.

Really, most of RhinoMobile is the Rhino3dmIO portion, so it might just make sense to refactor everything as a series of samples and just move everything into RhinoCommon. I’m considering that.

Mostly, RhinoMobile is a bit of veneer around Rhino3dmIO and some helper functions on iOS and Android.

Glad you’re making progress!

Is there a command reference site anywhere?

As in API documentation? The RhinoCommon API documentation is on developer.rhino3d.com…but we don’t have Rhino3dmIO documentation separate from that.

Does that help?

I’ll check it out. I’ve been pampered by the rhinocommon popping up all the command reference inline as I write in VS saving me a hunting trip around the web for documentation , which doesn’t happen now. Is this because it does not exist or because doing this in VS+Xamarin mutes it? For example RModel function. Where would I find documentation on it?

Tried to get lazy and just move your code into my own routines to pull a model from the file system from a file browser, and initially I thought it was working because the only file was your demo file and it was in the location RModel was looking for it anyway. As soon as I try any other location it dies and the file passed is null.

Probably a big ask, but is iRhino code available as examples or documentation?

[edit] might be usefull to explain what I am trying to do, I have a plugin that encrypts rhino files, (des 128), and loads them back into rhino when opened with my plugin, the load pumps the file into the display pipeline and ejects it on exit. I realise display pipeline is a big ask for android, but I was hoping for an app on android that will allow me to send these encrypted file around with my staff to trade fairs to show designs etc and if the device got nicked the files are useless. We pump nearly 160 new models every week and sometimes the only way to get a client to “get it” is by showing them a file, of course the files are all for large brand names and we stand to be sued into our underwear if they ever got out into the wild (we work on jewellery collections up to year ahead of release, strict NDA and IP contracts)

Intellisense ought to work in Visual Studio for Mac. It is working on my end. I’ve decorated nearly every property and function in RhinoMobile with summary data. Is that what does not seem to be working.? Or are you referring to some other reference?

Yeah, I hardcoded a path for demo purposes. You should be able to read from any location on the filesystem that your application has permissions for. My Android is a little rusty though.

Not at the moment. We don’t have plans to open-source iRhino 3D. I can tell you that 95% of that code will probably not be instructive. I’m working on a major cleanup of the project, but it’s slow going because other Rhino related issues take precedence.

This helps. So, if I understand correctly, what you are primarily concerned with is that the 3dm file does not reside on the mobile device. Is that correct? But what parts of the 3dm file are truly sensitive? For example, would it be sufficient to assure that nothing but meshes are in the 3dm?

Yup. No intellisense reference explanation. The reference pops up as int index, double pointer, etc but not like rhinocommon intellisense where it explain" index is the index of the geometry in the file" for example. So the reference parameters are a tad blind. It’s harder to explain than just show you. I’ll screen grab later and update the post.

I have no doubt that the RhinoMobile comments leave something to be desired, but I do get some Intellisense tips and summary information when using those classes…

I’m probably still not understanding exactly what you are after.

Keep in mind, RhinoMobile is open source, so PRs are welcome :wink:

Yeap. I don’t get that summary at all. Just the syntax. Its just on 6AM in Thailand. Ill grab a video when I’m back at work later.

Hi Dan

only syntax pops up for me, and only with this, in other c# apps or using rhinocommon i get the full gamut? Any idea what might be the issue?

I just assumed as it was using xamarin (which calls android studio??) in which the intellisense is also limited, but i have api reference documentation to fall back on.

Ah, I see. Visual Studio for Windows. I bet it’s not rendering the value tag information, but only showing you summary and param information. Visual Studio for Mac does something different then.

Compare the xml metadata for RhinoCommon’s Bitmap accessor to RMModel’s BundleName property.

I wonder if Visual Studio for Windows would play nice with more summary information and param tags. I’ll made a TODO (IR-540) item to test that out and add some more information.

Thanks, im not a programmer. I just kind of wing my way around using snippets from web and the VS intellisense stuff, without those I’m just a beer drinking hack with a keyboard :wink:

:beers: :keyboard:

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