I have three breps,nr.rar is the 3dm file .
I need join them to one brep.
I try using rhinomergebreps finction to do this.
this will not only failed ,but also lead to my program dead.

more information :these breps were build using some algorithm automatic.so maybe they are not a good object.
Even then I also need join them to one brep using C++ codes automatic.

I reported this as a bug
(the above link is not visible yet to the public, but hopefully it will be in the near future)

stevebaer,thanks,but I can’t access the link directly

anyone help me to see this problem?
thanks vevy much.

I find another problem about rhinomergebreps function.
maybe they are the same bug.

first I using extrudecurvestraight function extrude two breps .
(using the same curve ,surmise one brep extrude in v direction ,another brep extrude in -v direction)
then I using rhinomergebreps merge the two breps.
It’t need two minutes to merge the two breps.

I wasn’t clear enough in my last post, sorry. This is a bug in Rhino that needs to be fixed in order to work for you. I made a report of this bug so one of our developers can look at it and see if it is possible to fix.

thanks for you answer.
this function is very important for you plugin.
how can I get the information when this problem is fixed?
try the newest c++ sdk again and again maybe is not a good idea…

if this problem can’t solve as soon as possible,our plugin can’t maker continue.
so help me !

You may actually want to use RhinoJoinBreps instead.

I don’t know when this be fixed or even if it can be fixed for the geometry that you sent. The bug is filed for another developer to look at who knows much more about the functionality of RhinoMergeBreps than I do. Sorry about that, but that is all I know at the moment. It is also a holiday here today, so I won’t be able to chat with the other developer until next week.

thanks stevebaer.
I can using RhinoJoinBreps instead this time ,but I still have many other 3dm files need using RhinomergeBreps