RhinoInsideRevit - creating new floor types

I am currently working on a script where parts of it is to import some grasshopper geometry into Revit as Floors through RhinoInsideRevit. In that case I would like to create new floor types, where I can have the Default Thickness-parameter based on a parameter in my Script. I have set up this:

But I am not allowed to change the thickness, as it says it is a read-only parameter. Is there a way to overcome this, or another way to create a floor, where I can change the thickness of it?

I have considered making them as a DirectShape, but it seems like it is not as valid, when working further with it in Revit. Feel free to argument against that :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Katarina,

Revit Floors are made of Structural Layers and need to be drilled into a bit to change.

ChangeFloorThickness.gh (11.5 KB)

Thank you! That solved my issue :slight_smile: