Rhinoinside.Revit.GH.Types.HostObjectType Error

Dear all,
I create geometries from a GH definition and then I transfer architectural elements into Revit.

But after closing my file, if the day after I try to open again the file (Revit > Rhino > Gh) with the same definition, when opening GH I get this breakpoint: Grasshopper has failed to deserielize some data of type Rhinoinside.Revit.GH.Types.HostObjectType.

It is as if the “type” reference is lost.
Maybe I have to reference the file somehow?

Any help?
Thanks in advance…

Am I maybe missing something while linking the revit file to the definition?

Should I maybe use the “active document” component or some other component binding document types?

I’m having the same issue here

opening a definition that I close 30 second ago, all the "Value pickers triggers this error and lose my selection.

any ideas?

Hi @tay.alrawi,

There is a quick fix on version 0.8, do you mind testing it?
To install it you should change the update channel to ‘Daily’ from the Rhino.Inside Options dialog.