RhinoInside for Vectorworks

Hi All!
I know VW has Marionette, but it is lightyears away from our beloved greenbug… is there anyone working on a RhinoInside port towards Vectorworks? Anyone expecting to do it?


There are several criteria which must be met by a host application’s API offerings to make it a good match for developing a Rhino.Inside sample or implementation. With Vectowork’s public C++ API it might be possible to develop some functionality, but we are mostly focusing our efforts on host applications with .NET APIs.
Another important criteria is user demand. I believe you are the first person to ask for Rhino.Inside.Vectorworks.

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For the Vectorworks12.5 SDK, the supported development environment on the Mac is Xcode 2.2, and on Windows it is Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. See the release notes for the latest information

From the Vectorworks 2019SDK manual… it would indeed be possible, right?
I think Nemetschek has some very good developers in the team, but I feel the evolution of their software is patch over patch over patch… And I´m afraid they are not paying too much attention to Marionette which in terms of USX is almost painful to use if you compare it to Grasshopper…

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I second this request.

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I joint the list. It could be a the nice way to VW recovers the path on innovation; focusing on BIM, where it is quite good, or even in IA, where they said they have a team working, but leaving the visual programming on Grasshopper having Rhino Inside.

I would like to join the list too. VW provides a nice UI (important to designers) that both Visualarq and Revit fails to achieve. But Marionette has a long way to go to match the complexity of plugins like ladybug or kangeroo that grasshopper can offer. The best of both worlds would be allowing interoperability.

I also support this request.

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I too am interested in using rhino inside vectorworks.