RhinoInside excel: How?

When i click on rhinoinside button i get this message :


Than how we connect it to Grasshopper and use it?
And can we add values to the sheet from Grasshopper?

Rhino.Inside.Excel is simply an open source proof of concept. It would need a lot of development to take that project much further.

Working with Excel is best done by using one of the many Excel Grasshopper plugins:

  2. TT Toolbox Excel
  3. Lunchbox

There are others but this is a start. Each one works a little differently so make sure to find videos or docs on each one when starting.

Thank you @scottd
Yes i tried them all but right now i don’t find what i need.

What do you need?

I work with Ansys discovery live which have a parameters study to test different height and rotation values and can control with an opened excel file.
Discovery live have update option to read any change in the opened excel file.
I want to read this excel file in Grasshopper to receive the values and send new values based on Galapagos.
I successes to do this but the plugin i used it save excel file again and again which freeze windows and all programs.

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Yes, this is a challenge. There is a lot of timing between multiple parallel processes here. I expect at some point the processes collide with eachother.

The difficult part is getting these processes to wait for each other to finish before starting the next part of the process. Many developers might create some sort of queue that saves the results from each run and manages the next run when saved.

Here is part of the discussion about this: Galapagos Fitness Read Trigger - Grasshopper

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Here are some recent work arounds to the problem: Correct way to use grasshopper optimisation tools with external softwares? - #5 by cameronbehning

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Thank you @scottd , i will check the links and see what i can do