RhinoGold 5.5 installer out of date

Like a month ago I installed RhinoGold 5.5 from Gate, and everything worked fine but 2 days ago I had to uninstall it because it crashed when I was working and after that it was crashing instantly at opening.
Tried to install it from Gate again but now I don’t have available anymore the version 5.5, only 6.5 which is not compatible with my serial key.
I tried also using the DVD it came with, but when I run it I get the message “Your installer is out of date, please visit http://tdmsolutions.com/en/software/ to download the latest installer” and this link is a dead end.
Any suggestions on how I can solve this?
Thank you!

Hi Alice -

Please see Help Center | Stuller for help with RhinoGold.