RhinoGetRevolve linker error

I get a linker error trying to compile RHINO_SDK_FUNCTION RhinoGetRevolve.

CArgsRhinoRevolve args;
ON_SimpleArray<ON_RevSurface*> srfs_out;
RhinoGetRevolve(args, srfs_out);

Is this function still being exported for usage in the SDK?


Hi @Gary,

It looks like RhinoGetRevolve is declared but not implemented. Do you need the interactive revolve user interface? Or are you just looking just to create a surface by revolving a profile curve around an axis. Because if it’s just the latter you can just use the RhinoRevolve function. See rhinoSdkGetRevolve.h for details.

– Dale

I need the interactive user interface, so I will just cook one up myself then use the RhinoRevolve function.

Thanks Dale.