RhinoDoc.BeforeTransformObjects when modifying objects with grips

I noticed that when an object is modified by its grips (e.g. a line by one of its points), the BeforeTransformObjects event is triggered but with an empty Objects list in its event args.

Is this a bug or expected behavior? Is there another event I can hook into to track this kind of modification?

Hi @mohamed.moussa89,

The event provides that information. Its’ just not exposed to RhinoCommon yet.


– Dale

I am using the following code at the moment to find grips that have moved in the event (using the GripObject.Moved attribute). This seems to work for what I need.

var doc = RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc;
var selectedGrips = doc.Objects
            .GetSelectedObjects(false, true)
            .Select(ro => ro as GripObject)
            .Where(go => go.Moved)