RhinoCycles - Interactive Rendering Speed Update (Week 11)

Today was such a happy day I just had to make a screencast and share the joy with you all (all still in non-public branch…)

Note that at some point I accidently start another render - this all still works fine :smile:

Continuing with tying more into the interactive rendering, right now working on lights.



The video does not play on my iPad…
Update: on the laptop it works.

Interesting, the video is hosted on YouTube, so perhaps send them feedback about it?

Glad it works on your laptop though :smile:


Hi Natham
The video play ok on my iPhone LG G3
Ciao Vittorio

Everything perfect on Samsung. :wink:
Time to leave the Apple? Ah ah ah.

Hey Nathan, when will this be released for Mcneel folks to get their hands on? I just looked at the most recent v6 build and I’m not seeing the interactive renderer… is their a secret handshake to use to get it running?

There’s nothing secret, but there is a funny dance you’ll have to know. It’s a bit like step dance, and it goes like thus: 1) get SVN code 2) make sure you have the changequeue2 branch folders in place 3) compile 4) drink coffee or other beverage while waiting for compile to finish 5) start the fresh rhino.exe 6) drag rdk.rhp 7) drag RhinoCycles.rhp 8) create 9) press render 10) interact.

Do this dance on whatever music makes you drool with anticipation of the good stuff

If that dance is too hard you can always wait (while listening to that music you chose for the dance) for @andy and me to get the changequeue wrapping stuff done and merged into WIP trunk. And the ETA for that is: not now, not tomorrow, but… Soon™.

I wanted to make today a screencast of the interactive light changes I did during the weekend, but sickness thwarted that plan. In its stead, I hope that on Wednesday I can make one that includes those, sun changes (added just now), skylight changes (currently working on it) and material changes (working on it also).


Update here :slight_smile: