RhinoCycles 2015 Week 16 / Interactive Rendering integrated to WIP trunk


Last week Friday I finally merged the interactive rendering work from the ChangeQueue branch to Rhino WIP trunk.

The features I’ve been showing in previous updates should now be in the latest Rhino WIP, but here a quick list

  • interactive rendering
  • block instances
  • live material updates
  • light intensity fixed (but default lighting might still mess up, is known and working on it)
  • environment supports gradient
  • skylight toggle fixed
  • parallel view supported

Below a 5 minute video (33 minute unscripted usage sped up 700%) where I do stuff to see if I can crash it - all worked fine :smile:




Hey Nathan,

Can’t wait to try it out. The region on the real time screen look impressive.

What did you capture the video in?



I’m glad you like it :smile: As far as I know the newest WIP release should have it (from this week).

Camtasia Studio 7.1