Hey everybody!
I’m using Rhino for Windows on my Mac over Parallels and I’m not able to open a file any more.
When I try to open it, it closes immediately and a crash dump file appears on my desktop.
I’m able to open a new Rhino file and it works just fine.

Thanks for your help in advance!

If you get the error reporting dialog please send in the report. It could help if you pasted the link to this discussion in the comments section of the reporter dialog. That way devs can relate the crash report and this topic.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a report. I will send a photo of what it looks like.

That is the error reporting dialog. Please fill it out, add the link to this topic to the “What were you doing” box. If you fill out your e-mail address as well we’ll be able to contact you if we need to ask questions.

FWIW virtual machines aren’t really supported ( see bottom section Rhino - System Requirements ), although we do try our best to have it work - it is not our main focus.