RhinoCrashDump never saves Block Attributes

RhinoCrashDump works great, except that it always looses all Block Attributes. Is that a technical limitation or an oversight?

Hi Jasper,

A CrashDump is not a meant to save as much as possible, it is primarily a way to get information across to the developers.

There also is an EmergencySave type file, that will be written to the desktop in case of a caught emergency with room left to do the save.

Does this make sense?
Maybe someone else can confirm of adjust my answer


I think Willem’s comments are about right - you can always also look for the Autosave file. On crashing, if you get the crash dump reporting interface, please send that and the file in, preferably with an email address, so that we can have some hope of fixing the crash.


I see, that makes sense.

But then again the rhino crash dump has been pretty useful to me and it could be a nice backup next to the regular auto save feature. Especially as the auto save hasn’t proven to be particulary reliable in my case. I have it set to 5 minutes and regulary have auto save files that are 30 minutes old. Just now i’ve been working in Rhino an hour straight an my auto save is 12 minutes old, when it shouldnt be older than 5 minutes.

But I suppose that would be a topic for a new thread. Thanks!