RhinoCompute and Yak

In a RhinoCompute environment, using RestHopper, could you bring in the dependencies through Yak automatically? The usual behaviour is to bring in a GUI dialog, so I guess this shouldn’t work with RC. Are there any plans to make Yak work for RhinoCompute?

I don’t have any plans to automatically install packages when solving Grasshopper files on Rhino Compute. It feels a bit risky to me, though probably no more risky than running arbitrary Grasshopper files, scripts, etc. if you’re in an environment where you can trust the clients that are connecting to Compute.

You’re correct, instead of popping up the “Unrecognized Objects” dialog, you’ll see System.Exception: GH - Missing Definition Objects in the logs. I would like to improve the reporting so you actually get some meaningful information about what was missing. We’ve also talked about adding an endpoint with information about the plug-ins that are currently loaded.

Hey Will, I appreciate the answer. It is a pit tricky since this is an installation (kinda) and changes the state of the server, what I would like to see is the ability to load only the required dependencies of a script for every Grasshopper run on RhinoCompute. Maybe that is a bit too much to do though. Do you have any suggestions for managing multiple RhinoCompute environments with different dependencies? Is there a better way than maintaining multiple versions?

This is something we may eventually be able to do, but we are a long way away from a solution. We are currently changing how a server gets set up so there is a parent web server process that launches multiple child compute.geometry instances to do the real work. These child instances could potentially load different sets of grasshopper components (environments), but this is not actively being worked on.


That would be great! Glad to hear this is part of the plan!

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