Rhinocommon - v6

The new WIP program.

It may be new and better but it the display needs some work.

The paragraphs of notes do not display as warped in the individual notes.
Causing the layout printing to include extra unwanted notes.

The display of all printing lops off the bottoms of the letters, making it impossible to use.

And finally, it sure would be nice to station off a poly line, the same as surveyors do. At least in the Object Description Details give the individual line and arc lengths. I am sorry but surveyors and civil engineers still review and use information developed before computers.

Now that I am trying to set up detail layouts, I must admit the new display of the layout sheets is a big improvement. In that you display the layout as it will print. I haven’t tried the new layouts, but R5 is a pain to add detail views, and get the details into some scaled form and for get changing the detail view size, just set up a new layout. A BIG PAIN

Hi Wyett - I’m not seeing the RhinoCommon connection in your comments… what did you mean there?

Can you show an example of what this is-