RhinoCommon - shrinking Brep faces

Having some issues here with shrinking a single-face Brep here (V5, for compatibility reasons)…

  1. Using brep.Faces.ShrinkFaces() does indeed work, however it does not “shrink to edge” as in the Rhino _ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge, nor do I see an option for doing so. Anything that can be done short of calling the Rhino command (which is not an option here)?

  2. The API guide indicates there is a BrepFace.ShrinkFace Method but it is not listed in the left sidebar in the editor, it does not autocomplete, and errors out when I try it. It does appear to have disappeared for V6, so I guess it was never valid in V5; dunno if anyone wants to edit the V5 guide still…


Hi @Helvetosaur,

The functionality behind the ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge command is not exposed anywhere. So you only option, at this time, is to script the command.

– Dale

Thanks Dale… :cry: