RhinoCommon Rhino 6 Window Owner



correct me if I am wrong, but the old ways of setting up the Window Owner of a Form (Modal or Modeless) are obsolete, right? In this example:

…we have RhinoWindows upstairs, which is unavailable now I think…RhinoApp.MainWindow is obsolete…RhinoWinApp is not there…

Am I missing something or is there a new way to define the Window Owner? (Otherwise, my modeless dialog “flies out of Rhino”)


(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi @dimcic,

I’m confused. Does this sample not work for you?

The project referencesRhinoWindows.dll because WinForms is Windows-only.

– Dale


Hi Dale,

sorry…I assumed for some reason that the example has to be updated…and didn`t know I had to add the RhinoWindows.dll Reference…once I did, it was all there and it worked normally.