RhinoCommon RDK wizard


Looking for RhinoCommon RDK wizard. Please some one send me the link , where I can download RhinoCommon RDK wizard ?
I only found the old one for Rhino 4. I need the link for the latest one.

Can I also integrate Vray with Rhino RDK?

(Andrew le Bihan) #2

I’m afraid there is no wizard for RhinoCommon render plug-ins yet.

As for VRay - my guess is that you’d have to talk to Chaos Group about that. Technically it is certainly possible.


Thanks Andrew ! OK…
for Rhino SDK I found this link below,

so I thought there might be something for rhinocommon.
Can I write just a normal plugin in c# as RDK? or I need to use c++? I also know c++, but I prefer c# dot net.
Any small sample will be a big help.

(Andrew le Bihan) #4

There is already support for RDK in RhinoCommon - everything in the Rhino.Render namespace.


OK… Many thanks Andrew !