RhinoCommon Plugin for Xamarin does not work with update (MonoDevelop.* 6.0.1)

Today I wanted to install the plugin for Xamarin Studio (Mac). Error message:
Required: MonoDevelop.Core v6.0 found v6.0.1
Required: MonoDevelop.Ide v6.0 found v6.0.1

How can I change the requirements for this plugin? Will there be an update soon?

@dan, can you help?

Looking into it (cc: @curtisw) Looks like there is a 6.0.1 update for Xamarin Studio and we are just one day out-of-step.

@jups23 This looks like really unfortunate timing. We updated our RhinoCommon Xamarin Studio addin (for 6.0.0) yesterday, just before Xamarin updated Xamarin Studio (to So it looks like we’re out-of-sync. Usually minor updates do not break the addin support in Xamarin Studio, so we’re investigating. We’ll post back here once this is fixed.

@dan thank you very much in advance. I’m looking forward to start

Xamarin is aware of this issue and already has a fix ready…I suspect it will go out in the next XS update. Stay-tuned. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

A workaround: one can signup for an account at Xamarin and then downgrade to Xamarin Studio 6.0.

This issue has been fixed (by Xamarin) in the update to Xamarin Studio, which is available now. Check for updates and you should see a hotfix update for Xamarin Studio and the RhinoCommon AddIn.

it has been fixed indeed. Thanks for your help!