[RhinoCommon] MeshOutline equivalent from code

I can’t find this in RhinoCommon. If it is there, please let me know where. If not, it looks like the C++ SDK has this already (RhinoGetMeshOutline) - it would be nice if this is also available from RhinoCommon.


There is a script: _MeshOutline
Is that the operation are you looking for?

I am aware of the command and its scripting, but would like to do the same from code.

Hi Menno,
GetNakedEdges ?

@djordje: Not really, the MeshOutline will give a polyline that is the outline of a mesh for a given viewport.

It is currently not in RhinoCommon, I have a note in the code that I want to improve the actual Rhino SDK interface before exposing RhinoGetMeshOutlines since a CRhinoView is not the appropriate input


I guess a Plane is more appropriate?

Sorry, wasn’t aware of that Rhino command.
Maybe you could still use the GetNakedEdges, then project that polyline onto a plane perpendicular to the CameraDirection vector?

Viewport or plane, definitely not view.