RhinoCommon - how to get the version point number (Mac)?


Rhino.Runtime.HostUtils.RunningOnOSX gets me the info if I am currently in MacRhino
Rhino.RhinoApp.ExeVersion gets me the info on what major version (i.e. “5”)
Rhino.RhinoApp.ExeServiceRelease gets me the info on what Windows SR Mac Rhino is based on (i.e. “10”)

But, I don’t see any way to find out what actual Mac version I’m in - i.e. 5.0.2 or 5.1 or…

Where can I access that info?

Thanks, --Mitch


Echo… echo… echo…

What about Rhino.RhinoApp.Version ?

OK, thanks Alain… That property isn’t listed in the online SDK doc… This isn’t the first time I have run into this - can the online docs be updated?

Sorry about that Mitch. We’re working on a new version of the docs.

Doesn’t work anyway in 5.0.2 or the latest WIP here, just throws an exception in either one… :confounded: