RhinoCommon equivalents of PlanarUnion, PlanarDifference, PlanarIntersection?

As per the title - are there any yet?

what about
(1 -> ) using the trimming curves
from your Brep, take the Face (only one ?),
the face has loops

the loopType

should be outer

and there only should be one outer loop for the face…


(otherwise it is in surface-parameter space)

(2 ->) use one of those

there is also a new

check for (co-) planarity before you “feed” your curves into those functions…

hope that helps - best -tom

Thanks, I was aware of the first three, I do use them already.

However, the last one (CreateBooleanRegions) appears to be new in V7 - and I also see that some of the overloads on the first three have been obsoleted - because of the implementation of the last one. That probably is the method being used behind the PlanarBoolean Rhino commands.

Time to revise a few scripts…

yes, i also have a few hundred lines of code that get obsolet with CreateBooleanRegions Method…
but hope you enjoy this sunday -best -tom

I guess that overloads without tolerances were marked as absolete to force the use of overload with tolerances because the default tolerance depends on ActiveDoc and this doesn’t work on Mac if I am not wrong.

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Hi @Helvetosaur,

Are you looking for these?


– Dale

Uhhh… I think I really need to get some new glasses… :sunglasses:

Thanks Dale!

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