RhinoCommon equivalent of DivideAlongCreases/SplitAtTangents?

How can one create a SplitAtTangents equivalent as a post-process to the various Brep creation methods like Sweep? I don’t see any exposed method for this…

Thanks, --Mitch

These methods don’t exist in RC5:


OK, should have checked that first, thanks… Too bad it’s not available in V5. --Mitch

I think they are in Rhino 5, see http://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommonWin/html/M_Rhino_Geometry_Collections_BrepFaceList_SplitKinkyFaces.htm
It says rhino 5 at the top of the page, and I seem recall using this function in Rhino 5.

Hmm, but does it also split at tangent (G1) joints as well as kinks? --Mitch

Oops, there I go again, only half reading… Probably not. Sorry :blush:

The you might be able to do in Rhino 5 is to set the splitKinkySurfaces flag when calling doc.AddBrep.

Hi Dale - doesn’t seem to work to split faces at tangent joints… --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

Sorry, I didn’t read your post close enough.

In V5, your best best is to script the DivideAlongCreases command, using SplitAtTangents=Yes. In V6, there is a RhinoCommon method for this (referenced above).

– Dale

Yep, that’s what I finally ended up doing… Thanks Dale. --Mitch