[RhinoCommon] DockBar bug

The first command run “SampleCsDockBar”, everything is normal.
If the first command run “SampleCsTestDockbarErr”(show window view), an error will occur.
This project is GitHub project from McNeel,I just added a command.
I have a project, C # and C ++ interact, C # is the rhp, C ++ is a dll, and the GetPoint in C ++ before enabling dockbar will also appear as errors.SampleCsDockBar.rar (42.6 KB)

This error will appear as long as it is interacting with C ++ (get).


Hi @Easy,


– Dale

Thank you for your reminder.
It seems that the problem comes from WPF, and the search finds that the solution does not look for me. However, I have found the solution: New rhp project to address the conflict of Dockbar.