RhinoCommon - Display Mode Lighting Scheme Lights

I am trying to access the a Display Mode’s lighting scheme, and the lights set by them. This is what I am trying to get access to:

or for example for shaded:

I suppose that under different lighting schemes, there might be different lights set. Furthermore, the user might change them. Is this accessible in Rhinocommon? From what I understand (and I could certainly be wrong here), in the c++ sdk this would be in CDisplayPipelineAttributes::m_Lights.


p.s. while I understand that a -0 can technically exist (a signed zero), seeing it in the Y of Light#3 above is a bit strange.

Hi Luis,

There are a ton of advanced display settings, and I am not all of them have been exposed to RhinoCommon. You have access to YouTrack - just create new item for every display mode attribute you are looking for. Assign them to the “RhinoCommon” subsystem.

– Dale

Hello Dale,
Thanks for the suggestion. My main issue is not knowing when there is something I merely cannot find vs when something has not been implemented yet into Rhinocommon. I’m getting into the habit of checking the C++ sdk after digging through Rhinocommon to double check I am not missing something.

Thanks again,

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