[RhinoCommon] Context Help URL for File IO


We’ve developed some file exporters and for each format also an online help item exists. In our commands the CommandContextHelpUrl property is overridden to provide dynamic online help and I’d like to do the same with the file importer and exporter.
I’ve tried a hack by calling the static method Command.DisplayHelp(Guid) and providing the Guid of a command with a custom context help url, but that didn’t work.

How can I achieve this properly?


Hi Gerco,

File I/O plug-ins do not support CommandContexHelpUrl because File I/O plug-ins do not (in general) have commands. Their file reading and writing functions are called by existing Rhino command (e.g. Open, Save, etc.).

If you file I/O plug-in represents any ui during the file operation, such a dialog or command line, then you might consider using those opportunities to give the user a chance to view some help.

There is some command line user interaction during the saving. I haven’t figured out yet how to set the dynamic help browser to the corresponding page (URL). Do you have a suggestion for that?


Sorry, I don’t. The command that is running is Save, SaveAs, or Export command. And, thus, it is the one in control of context help. If you file exporter were to show a dialog box in interactive mode, then you could present a help button. You could also add a help option to your command line options (too).

That’s a pity!
Any chance that’s going to be future functionality?

Thanks anyway.

Maybe, I’ve added your request to the wish list.