RhinoCommon API homepage


When I open this page, the “Rhino namespace” section is always expanded in the left hand tree view. This is annoying to me as it is big and it’s probably the section I use the least - I actually can’t recall when I needed something in that section. So the first thing I need to do every time is collapse it. Is it possible to make the page open with all sections collapsed?


I too have always been puzzled by this. At least have it open to Rhino.Geometry :wink:

@AndersDeleuran, @Helvetosaur – Added a temporary hack. Does that look better?



Yes, much better, thanks!! --Mitch

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I does indeed, though I still find it a bit odd that these two are essentially the same (i.e. top-level):

I suspect having the RhinoCommon SDK entry/link (which should also be named RhinoCommon API :wink: ) instead be a table that provides an overview of all the documented namespaces would be logical/useful i.e. something like this:

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I was also thinking about replacing the landing page when attempting to prevent the “Rhino” node from auto-expanding. We’re using Sandcastle’s default presentation style; It’s pretty janky, but replacing it feels like a very big task and it might be worth using a different documentation generation tool altogether! Aside from the cosmetic issues, I’d like to be able to use these API* docs to easily answer questions like “Can I do this on the Mac too?” or “Will this break in Rhino 7?” or “Is this functionality also available in openNURBS?”. I feel like we have the technology…

I’ve made a note of these two threads on the Great Developer Documentation Refresh™ which will hopefully happen Soon™ (WWW-529).


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I think I found a solution… Not perfect, but better!

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Hey @will - this seems to have reverted back to the old behavior here… :confused:

Fixed again! And a more permanent fix coming when I next update the docs for 6.3 :slight_smile:

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I updated the WIP API docs yesterday with the new landing page.



Hi @will, … it’s broken again… here’s how it opens now (since a few days):

Hmm, when I go https://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommon/ I get the full list of namespaces.

OK, that’s not the same link I had before - seems like this one is always changing…

The above link develops into


I’ll change my shortcut…

Thanks, --Mitch

Ah, OK! I understand now. https://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommon/ leads to a page that redirects you elsewhere. When I changed the settings to make the namespaces show up on the homepage I think the target of this redirection changed. If you use the link above for your bookmark then it should keep working regardless. Sorry for the confusion!