RhinoCommon API documentation - wishes / critique

my idea would not be search the forum - but a back-link / reversing - or matching by tags.


let s say I link to the documentation here in the discourse-forum somethink like

“Dear Ruedi - you can easily calculate this with the crossproduct

then the api-Documentation for the crossproduct can show an automatic link back to the forum - maybe with a small summery.

what i don t like that there will be now filtering and a lot of noise…/ not many valuable info.


I would prefer to use a tag or keyword on a post level - that would allow an explicit connection.

even if the discourse software does not recognise it like a tag.

A simple approach would be to use a standard title for a the link. in the following Example this title is “Additional API Info”

Please check topic order of Transformation matrix if you multiply them. Additional API Info

and as it is a link with exactly this title it could backlink automatically from the Documentation to this forum… (and users have to explicit do it)


by the way I think the php user comments are not moderated but self organized with downvotes / upvotes and flags…by the community ((???) not sure)