RhinoCode ScripEditor for development of libraries


Rhino 8 uses pip to install packages. I have a ticket for conda support but that is future.

  • You can use a standalone conda to install your packages (python 3.9.10) in any other environment and point the script editor to those directories:

    • Python paths config: Rhino
    • Using # env: /put/path/here/ on top of your script
  • We had an issue reloading imported modules in Python 3 runtime that is fixed for Rhino 8.6 RC. You can use importlib.reload method at the top of your script to reload the imported module when you are making changes to that in vscode

  • Our pip also had an issue installing some packages due to missing libraries in ~/.rhinocode/py39-rh8 folder. We have solved that for Rhino 8.5 RC that is out right now. It should be better now but let me know if it still can not install your packages. You can also add # venv: site-packages to the top of your script in case of problematic packages to install them in the default site-packages/ instead of site-envs/ as it normally does.

Does this help?

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