Hyperlink command in Rhino5

Can we link 2 or 3 rhino files using this hyperlink command??
if YES, than please list the steps of doing so.
if NO,than how does this command really help in rhino??

Well… YES.

Run the Hyperlink command. Pick the Attach option. Type or paste the URL to the 3dm file.

Now, what do you expect to be happening when you do so?

suppose i have a .3dm file of a ring.and the diamonds of that ring are in some other .3dm file.
i just want to link both this files through hyperlink.

You are still not really explaining what you want to accomplish.

I’ll do some mind-reading and conclude that you would like to see objects that are defined in an external file in your ring file. Could you read the help page on blocks and worksessions and see if either one of those is something that you could use?

ok…well…can you give me an illustration of how to use the hyperlink command than i will relate it to my use.

If you have datasheets with material properties, prices, whatever for some item that you are using in your model, you can link to that resource so that you or other users in your group can easily get to that resource.

More specifically, in our company we use Siemens TeamCenter to maintain part descriptions that include BOM with parts and drawings, Engineering Notes, Overview over documents like design basis, customer specs, OEM information, FEA reports, etc… These part reports are published on our internal web server and can be linked to my parts in Rhino (if I were inclined to do so).

thank you.will try to figure it out.