Rhinoceros Squish/Unroll terrible result.. Please help

Hi Eric,
have you tried _Squish and _SquishBack?
EasyToSquishBack_jM.3dm (496.0 KB)

I have not, it won’t work for me because it only outputs deg1 polylines, but I’m very curious how it works.

Catia surfacing algorithm is totally different from my understanding, so not an apples to apples comparison.

I spent six months telling a client that his spherical model could not be unrolled, along with help from no less than Lowell Walmsly and he just wouldnt listen.

He had me repeatedly try “this” then “that”, always with no success. We worked with smash and squish, even though everyone but he was convinced (spelled KNEW) that failure was the only logical outcome.

For the question of Catia output, i would suggest that rhe only way to convince the OP of the inevitable failure would to cut his Catia-flattened parts out and try to bend them around frames. Perhaps when the edges are wildly disparate, the light will come on.

My client kept telling me that he would take full responsibility for the results, no matter the outcome. My last invoice remains unpaid.

I feel your pain.

It is of course good business practice to accept challenging work to satisfy clients and keep the business going. However, at the same time I have seen some rabbit hole stuff that I personally refuse to sign up for … you know, the “non value added” (non billable hours) that will surely result from such an endeavor. I don’t care who the client is.

I don’t have a problem saying NO to a client. Unfortunately the higher ups don’t share the same feeling and I sometimes have to push through the stupid $#*% that I knew would come up.
I guess that’s why they call it work.

My hesitation was in knowing that I would be leaving the client with a bad taste in his mouth. I only took the project on the assurance that he was good for the money, no matter the result.

He actually was good for it, until he finally started distorting steel, according to his preconceived notion how it should distort. It was then that he realized he was never going to reach his goal and he had already spent way over his budget.

Oh well, I’m retired now and don’t have to face those difficulties again.