Rhinoceros solves Nurbs and Spline problems?

Good morning friends

I am new to the group and I am considering the purchase of Rhinoceros to get around a problem linked to Autocad 2022 (but also other previous versions)

The practice when except for the .dxf files in AutoCAD to load them on UCCNC for the processing of our CNC machine, the CAM program does not recognize the .dxf file
Reading around, it seems that it is because of Spline and Nurbs that the UCCNC program cannot resolve.
I have tried several times to correct my file by checking like a damned if there were open conjunctions but I find nothing about anything and for me the drawing is correct
Always reading around, it seems that Rhinoceros is able to control and solve the problem

Do you have advice to give me? Thank you

I would simply suggest that you download the free 90 day evaluation version and try it out with your files. When you have some concrete examples of problems, you can post files and questions here and people will help.