Rhinoceros license not found

I bought and dowloaded RH7 Edu as an upgrade of RH6 edu, but the program won’t start as it says “rhino requires a license to run”. I tried several times by deleting rh6/7 and reinstalling all, but with no success. Did someone experienced the same issue?

Hi David,

There is probably an old license file that needs to be removed.

Close Rhino and Delete the contents of this folder.

C:\Users\ [yourUserNameHere] \AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\License Manager\Licenses

Yes, Rhino 7 licenses are in the 6.0 folder…

Hi Jahy,
There’ s no content (or any file) in this folder, that’s the problem…

And I really don’t know what happened to the license file in the 6.0 folder.

Do you still have 6 loaded? Can you type SystemInfo in the command line and post the results here please.

Your license is hosted on the cloud zoo, when initializing Rhino it will ask for your email to login.

You can check to see if you are being blocked by a firewall by going to this link.


You should see the robot

Uploading: Cattura02.JPG…

There maybe issues with your installation.

Please see these directions to ensure your .net is installed properly.

please run windows update and install all available updates. You may need to do this several times as many windows updates are cumulative and need one installed before the other becomes available.


please run both of these tools-

  1. vc runtime updates -


restart your machine

  1. then rerun the .net repair tool


Did both things. Also disabled Norton firewall
nothing happening RH7 asks for the license.
I am very disappointed.

I see that you’ve contacted tech support and have a team viewer session scheduled to troubleshoot your computer. Please let us know what the result is, thanks.

Yes I will let u know asap

Is there a way of installing a full rh7 package and not the update?

The install is always a full RH7 package.

I disinstalled RH7 and deleted all the folders and now it does not install properly.

Does Rhino 6 install normally?

Yes I just installed it properly

But RH7 not