Rhinoceros Installation

Hi everyone.

Any on having issues installing Rhino 7 Evaluation?

The error code prompt is Error 1305 - Trouble locating download file. However, the file is of course still there.

maybe it doesn’t downloaded well. have you tried downloading it again?

It takes ages to install and then fails. I have just re-downloaded and started to install. It has been about 2 hours so far.

Not sure what is going on…

Hi -

I’m not sure what you are seeing. Have you tried downloading the file to a specific folder, then go to that folder, unblock the exe and then run it from that folder? Could you post a screenshot of the error that you are getting?

Thanks everyone. Got it working in the end. Spent 10 hours messing about to see installations failing.

I uninstalled Rhino 5 which was associated to Zoo servers, and re downloaded & installed Rhino 7 as admin. Worked within 2 minutes!

Thanks All

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