Rhinoceros 5 toolbar command error

rhinoceros 5 toolbar command error
ı neet help

Is this a Rhino for Windows question? You did not categorize your message.

In order to help, we’ll need a complete description of the problem, and perhaps a screenshot showing the error so we understand it.


I do not know english very well, my problem is I can not use the menus.

@JohnM - any idea here? Looks like this is an eval.
@selcuk, this is Wndows 7, correct? Did the toolbars ever load correctly?



I was using the day before, but that day everything went smoothly

I uninstall the program, I installed it again. but lost to the problem is not solved. I have a very important project, but I can not work. I need help.

I just replied to your file upload email.
We don’t know what’s wrong yet.
Please run the ABout command and take a screenshot of it.
Also, run the TestDotNetMessages command, restart Rhino, press F2, scroll up to see all of the text in the Command History window, and take a screenshot of that.

Please return both images in a reply.

I did notice in your earlier screenshot that you have a Windows error message in the System tray. You might consider running Windows Update to see if there are any “Important” updates.